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Tech Director and Head of Servicing: Nick Rogers

Over 39 years serving HMPS


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AllHyd - working with the Prison service since 1979

For 39 years Paul , MD of Ltd has worked closely with the UK Home Office & the UK Prison Service designing and developing MOE Equipment. Nick, technical director of has over 25 years of similar experience.


Despite having an estimated 10 year working life virtually all Anti-barricade jacks within the estate are over 27 years old. Annual servicing and Testing by the manufacturer is imperative.

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AllHyd partnering the UK Home office, Prison Service, GFSL, NOMS, Amey, Sodexo, Serco, G4S & Mitie. Ltd has an enduring relationship with the Prison service, designing, developing and maintaining MOE equipment.

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We no longer use our previous 0845 numbers for voice or fax.

Nick:  07843-050905 Paul: 07787-503040

We no longer use our previous 0845 numbers for voice or fax.

Privacy & Online Security Policy

Last Updated 25th May 2018 

GDPR: We do not mass email any individuals or hold any personal information.

Email addresses held on file supplied by the UK Government or any of their representatives (in any form) are held solely to communicate about quotations, orders or such like and the results or feedback from such communications.

Last Updated 21st May 2018 

Our company recently suffered a number of totally unsuccessful online security attacks. 

We took these phishing type attacks very seriously and immediately tried to minimise our exposure by upgrading both our website ISP and our entire email platform. 

We are now using much more secure enterprise level email servers. In line with this philosophy our website now displays only the absolute minimum amount information required to provide a reasonable level of functionality whilst protecting our own staff. 

If you require any further information about our company or its directors please email Paul at

As of the today Ltd has never suffered any form of data breach whatsoever.

Customer information is only stored on our internal servers which are not visible on the internet.